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All the display case is shown as sold out, it's because Display Cases are for local pick-up ONLY. We do have more stock in store! Please feel free to contact us at 437-970-3327 for any request.

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[PugliePug] Puglie Poking Thru Silicone Coasters[PugliePug] Puglie Poking Thru Silicone Coasters
Sold out [PugliePug] Puglie Adventure Pack Sticker Book[PugliePug] Puglie Adventure Pack Sticker Book
Sold out [PugliePug] "I Poo-Poo-Poot You" Card[PugliePug] "I Poo-Poo-Poot You" Card
Sold out [PugliePug] Puglie Confetti Box[PugliePug] Puglie Confetti Box
Sold out [PugliePug] Puglie Doggy Bag[PugliePug] Puglie Doggy Bag
[PugliePug] Puglie Doggy Bag Sale price$0.33 CAD
Sold out [PugliePug] Puglie Cellophane Bag[PugliePug] Puglie Cellophane Bag
[PugliePug] Puglie Mart Grocery Bag[PugliePug] Puglie Mart Grocery Bag