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[Keson]Foxy Pokémon sticker pack - Ver. 2

Sale price$12.00 CAD

Dispatches from a small business in Canada
Materials: Paper

Foxy Pokemon Sticker Pack!
-8 stickers in each ver.pack

Pokemon List:
ver.1- Zorua(Hisui), Zoroark, Vulpix(Alola), Raichu(Alola), Mimikyu, Ninetales, Rockruff, Trubbish
ver.2- Nickit, Psyduck01, Psyduck02, Jirachi, Milotic, Exeggutor, Zamazenta, Sentret
ver.3- Croagunk, Jynx, Flygon, Goodra, Caterpie, Metapod, Wurmple, Cacnea

-PVC stickers

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