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[DreamS] SMISKI - Bath Series Blind Box

Sale price$12.99 CAD

This series contains 6 regular designs and 1 secret design.

Purchase a case and get 6 regular designs and 6 repeat regular designs or 6 regular and 5 repeat regular designs and 1 secret.

  • Each series of blind box contain several designs (basic editions & hidden edition).
  • Each single box includes one random basic design, with the probability of getting the hidden edition instead. (Some series do not have a hidden edition)
  • The complete set includes all basic editions. When there is a hidden edition inside the set, one basic edition will be replaced by it.

Smiski Bath Series
Splish splash I was takin’ a bath!

Bath time is way more fun when you include Smiski! Your friend helps you get squeaky clean in the poses of Shampooing, Not Looking, Scrubbing, With Duck, Dazed, and Looking. There’s a possibility you’ll even get a secret pose!


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