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[OnionLabs] See You Again Artbook Bundle - See you again

Sale price$42.00 CAD

'See You Again' is an unofficial pixel artbook that continues the adventures of the characters from Wonder Egg Priority. Peek into the daily lives of characters in gorgeously rendered 'what-if' scenarios drenched in nostalgia and warmth. These illustrations will be complemented by writing analyzing the characters, their relationships, & symbolism in the series. Each physical order comes with a bonus postcard.


B5 size (182x257mm)
Perfect Bound
Full Colour
UV Spot Cover
Please choose one of the follow packages:

- See You Again (Physical Artbook + Bonus Postcard) 30$

- See You Again Digital Bundle (Digital Artbook + Digital Wallpaper Set + Discord Emotes) 20 US$

- Call Me Back (Physical Artbook + Bonus Postcard + Art Print + Postcard Set) 55 US$

- Waiting For You (Physical Artbook + Bonus Postcard + Art Print x5 + Postcard Set + Washi Tape) 80 US$

- It's All For You (Physical Artbook + Bonus Postcard + Art Print x5 + Postcard Set + Washi Tape + Enamel Pin + Sticker Sheet + Digital Bundle) 120 US$

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